Uniden LTD1025 Two-Way Radio User Manual

The Uniden OCEANUS VHF marine radio transceiver has been
designed to give you a rugged, reliable instrument that will provide you
with years of trouble-free service.
With proper care and maintenance, your Uniden OCEANUS will outlast
your present vessel and serve you well on-board. The full features and
flexibility designed into this quality transceiver will prevent it from
becoming obsolete regardless of changes in craft or geographic
The technical excellence of the Uniden OCEANUS is demonstrated by
the multiplicity of uses for which it has been found acceptable by the
U.S. Federal Communications Commission. The Uniden OCEANUS is
acceptable for compulsory use on “party boats,” for use on vessels
subject to the Great Lakes Radio Agreement or bridge-to-bridge
requirements, for general pleasure and commercial vessels, and certain
land stations in marine service.
The Uniden OCEANUS is of all solid state design with conservatively
rated, rugged components and materials compatible with the marine
environment. The transceiver utilizes a number of gaskets, sealing rings,
waterproof membranes, and other sealants to effect a splashproof
housing for protection of the electronics. The unit may be mounted in
any number of convenient locations on your vessel by utilizing the
universal mounting bracket.
You are encouraged to thoroughly read the rest of this Operating Guide
to acquaint yourself with the characteristics and operation of your
transceiver so that you can contribute to the longevity of your
Keep your receipt as proof-of-purchase in case warranty service is
NOTE: • Features, specifications, and availability of optional
accessories are all subject to change without notice.
The color of your OCEANUS may vary.
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