Uniden LTD1025 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Memory Scan
To scan channels stored in Memory Scan, press and hold STEP. In the
Memory Scan Mode, the OCEANUS scans only those channel numbers
previously entered into Memory Scan. If no channel has been entered
into Memory Scan, an error tone sounds and the LCD Panel does not
Note: While in Memory Scan Mode, pressing the 16/9 button three
times or pressing and holding STEP will return the radio to the
channel it was on prior to accessing Memory Scan.
Public Address
To access the Public Address Mode, press and hold H/L. The
will appear in the display. Press the PTT switch on the microphone, hold
the microphone approximately two inches from your mouth, and speak
clearly in a normal voice. To cancel
, press and hold H/L.
Weather Alert
The Weather Alert Mode can be activated to alert you of dangerous
weather. When Weather Alert is turned on, and a warning signal is
received, a siren will sound at full volume, regardless of the volume
setting. When the signal stops, you will hear the active weather channel
broadcast at normal volume.
The icon indicates the Weather Alert Mode is activated. To activate
the Weather Alert Mode:
1. Press WX to select Weather mode press and hold WX.
2. Press and hold STEP to begin Weather Channel Scan.
1. Manually select the active Weather Channel after selecting WX.
2. Press and hold WX to activate the Weather Alert Mode. To cancel
the Weather Alert Mode, press and hold WX again.
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