Blackberry version 5.2 IP Phone User Manual

Set the Maximum Number of Calls field to 4.
Set the Busy Trigger field to 3.
15. Click Save.
16. Open the .csv file that you created in step 8 and delete all BlackBerry MVS users who will not use Voice over Wi-
Make sure that you keep the following columns in the file:
Device Name
Device Pool
Network Locale
Media Resource Group List
Device User Locale
Common Phone Profile
Directory Number 1
Partition 1
Line CSS 1
Line Text Label 1
External Phone Number Mask 1
Line Description 1
Alerting Name 1
Alerting Name ASCII 1
Display 1
ASCII Display 1
17. Save the .csv file.
18. Create another .csv file and list all of the device names to be deleted in a single column.
19. Navigate to Bulk Administration > Upload/Download files and import the .csv file from step 18. Set the following
Target = Phones
Transaction Type = Delete Phones - Custom File
20. Click Save.
21. Navigate to Bulk Administration > Phones > Delete Phones > Custom File.
22. In the Delete Phones where field, select Device Names and in the Custom File field, select the .csv file that you
uploaded in step 19.
23. Click the Run Immediately option.
24. Click Submit.
Before continuing, wait until the BAT Job Scheduler indicates that the devices are deleted.
Release Notes
Upgrade existing BlackBerry MVS users to use a new COP file