Blackberry version 5.2 IP Phone User Manual

Known issues
The BlackBerry Mobile Voice System does not support BlackBerry devices that operate on iDEN networks.
Users must have BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 or later and must be associated with a Cisco Unified
Communications Manager 7.1 or later PBX before they can add participants to an active call.
The call forwarding feature is not supported when your organization routes call through a SIP gateway.
The BlackBerry MVS is designed to support the G.729 codec on devices that use BlackBerry Device Software 5.0,
BlackBerry Device Software 6.0, and BlackBerry 7.1, however testing is not complete. If your organization uses the
G.729 codec on devices that use BlackBerry Device Software 5.0, BlackBerry Device Software 6.0, or BlackBerry
7.1, performance of BlackBerry MVS calls might not be optimal. If your organization's devices use BlackBerry 7.0
you must use the G.711 codec.
You might have to change the Disable Wi-Fi Direct Access to BlackBerry Enterprise Server IT policy rule so that your
organization's devices can connect to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server using a Wi-Fi connection. If the policy is not
set, your organization's users might not be able to make calls using a Wi-Fi network. The default value of this
policy is a null value. The default value might vary depending on which mobile network provider a device is using.
For more information about the policy reference, see the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Policy Reference Guide.
You cannot put a plus sign (+) in front of the extension number when you are configuring users in the MVS
The BlackBerry MVS Server administrator can activate the MVSConfigToolNR.exe to enable a custom network
restriction for BlackBerry MVS. Please be advised that if this custom network restriction is enabled, the ability of
end users to make Wi-Fi calls will be restricted. If the custom network restriction is enabled, Wi-Fi calls will only be
processed and accessible where cellular coverage (at a minimum, SOS) is available through an airtime service
When a user is in an area with no data coverage, the caller ID for incoming calls will be "Unknown Number."
If your organization's log level is not set to INFO, you might experience occasional elevated CPU levels.
BlackBerry MVS Server
This section lists the known issues for the BlackBerry MVS Server component of the BlackBerry Mobile Voice
System 5.2.
Item Description
DT2865940 JRE error messages for the MVS Data Manager, MVS Witness Server, and MVS BlackBerry
Enterprise Server Connector components display in the Windows Application Event Log
whenever the components start up or restart.
Impact: The extra error messages might cause confusion when troubleshooting issues.
Workaround: None.
Release Notes
Known issues