Philips 121 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Installing your DECT 121
1. Plug the power supply & line cord into the base
2. Plug the power supply & line cord into the wall
socket. Always use the cables provided in the
3. Slide open the battery compartment cover.
4. Place the 2 batteries as indicated. Respect
5. Slide the battery compartment cover back.
6. Put the handset on the base and charge for 24
hours. A beep indicates that the handset is
properly placed on the base unit or the charger.
If you have a broadband DSL internet
Installation, please make sure you have one
DSL filter plugged directly on each line
socket used in the house and check the
modem and the phone are plugged in the
correct filter slot (one specific for each)
When replacing the batteries, only use
rechargeable NiMH batteries. Optimal
battery life is reached after 3 cycles of
full charge / discharge. The warranty
shall not apply to the batteries and any
other components within lifetime and
wear. Standby time: around 100 hours
Talk time: around 10 hours.
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