Philips 121 Cordless Telephone User Manual

To delete the entire phonebook
Press the Program key.
Press 0.
Press the Phonebook key.
Press the Program key to confirm.
To transfer a call to another handset
(DECT 121 multi-handset packs)
You can forward an external call to another handset.
During a call :
Press and hold R key and press the handset number (1 to 4).
The other handset will ring. The call will be put on hold. Both
internal parties can talk together.
Press the Talk key to transfer the call.
Press R again if there is no answer from the other handset.
Press the Correction key to switch between conference mode
and external call.
To recall the last 10 dialled numbers
Press the Redial key. Display shows the last number dialled.
Keep pressing the key to show the other numbers.
Press the Talk key to make the call.
Press the Correction key to exit the list.
Tip: Press and hold the Correction key to delete the number.
To mute the handset
During a call:
Press the Mute key. The display shows the mute symbol.
Press again the Mute key to end mute.
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