Philips 121 Cordless Telephone User Manual

To dial from the Call Log
To use the call log function you must first subscribe to the
Caller Display (Caller Line Identification or CLI) Service.
Your DECT 121 stores the numbers of 10 unanswered calls. The
symbol on the display reminds you of unanswered calls.
Press the Call Log key. Display shows the latest entry. Keep
pressing the key to scroll through the list of unanswered calls.
Press the Talk key to make the call.
Press the Correction key to exit the call log.
Press and hold the Correction key to erase the current entry.
The next entry is shown on the display.
Note: the oldest entry is deleted when the memory is full.
To delete the entire Call Log
Press the Program key.
Press 0.
Press the Call Log key.
Press the Program key to confirm.
To program voice mailbox
Some network providers offer voice mailbox services. You can
program Key 1 to access directly your voice mailbox.
Press the Program key
Press 8 and then enter your 4-digit PIN code (Refer to P.14 for
PIN setting).
Press the Program key
Enter the phone number of your network voice mailbox (contact
your network provider to get it).
Press the Program key to save the number.
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