Philips 121 Cordless Telephone User Manual

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No dialling tone when
pressing .
icon is blinking.
When the handset is placed
on the charging unit, no
beep is heard.
Battery icon remains empty
although the handset has
charged for 24 hours.
No symbol on the display.
Bad audio quality (crackles,
muted, echo, etc.).
The Caller Display (CLI)
does not work.
The telephone rings while
on line.
No caller ID/poor audio
quality/poor connection
quality with broadband DSL
- The base station is not
properly connected to electricity
or to the telephone sockets.
- Too far from the base station
- Battery pack is low (low
battery icon is displayed).
- The handset is almost out of
- The handset is not placed
correctly on the base station
charging unit.
- Charging contacts are dirty.
- Handset battery pack is
- Batteries are uncharged.
- Interference from nearby
electrical appliance.
- Base station installed in a
room with thick walls.
- You are using the handset too
far from the base station.
- Service not activated.
- An attempt to transfer a call is
in progress.
- DSL filter(s)/splitter missing or
insufficient number of filters
- Modem &/or phone plugged in
wrong DSL filter slot
- Defective DSL filter(s)
- Check the connections.(p 4).
Reset the product by unplugging
the power cord for few seconds
and then by connecting it again
- Move closer to the base
- Charge the batteries for at least
24 hours. (page 4).
- Move closer to the base station.
- Take the handset off the base
station and put it back again.
- Clean them with a clean and dry
- Please contact your PHILIPS
dealer in order to purchase new
rechargeable battery pack.
- Make sure your product is
plugged in. (p 4).
- Charge the batteries (p 4).
- Try to plug the base station in
Install the base station in a
different room.
- Move closer to the base station.
- Check your subscription with
network. Philips cannot guarantee
the operation behind an ISDN
adpator or a PABX.
- Press the talk key to take the
line if appropriate.
- Make sure you have one DSL
filter plugged directly on each line
socket used in the house
- Check the modem and the
phone are plugged in the correct
filter slot (one specific for each)
- The filter(s) can be defective.
Replace it/them and make
another test
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