VTech CL84100 Cordless Telephone User Manual

on your purchase of this AT&T product. Before using this AT&T
product, please read the Important safety information on
pages 22-24 of this manual. For complete instructions, please refer
to the manual provided with your CL81100/CL81200/CL81300/
CL84250/CL84300 telephone. You can also visit our website at
www.telephones.att.com or call 1 (800) 222-3111.
In Canada, dial 1 (866) 288-4268.
Model #: CL80100
Type: DECT 6.0 expansion handset
Serial #:
Purchase date:
Place of purchase:
Both the model and serial number of your AT&T product can be
found on the bottom of the telephone base.
Save your sales receipt and original packaging in case it is
necessary to return your telephone for warranty service.
Telephones identified with this logo have reduced noise and
interference when used with most T-coil equipped hearing aids and
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The ENERGY STAR® program (www.energystar.gov) recognizes and
encourages the use of products that save energy and help protect
our environment. We are proud to supply this product with an
ENERGY STAR® qualified power adapter meeting the latest energy
efficiency guidelines.
Compatible with
Hearing Aid T-Coil