VTech CL84100 Cordless Telephone User Manual

If the previous suggestions do not work, disconnect the
telephone base from the telephone jack and connect the jack to
a different phone. If there is no dial tone on that phone either,
the problem is in your wiring or local service. Contact your
telephone service provider.
Your line cord might be malfunctioning. Try installing a new line cord.
I cannot dial out.
First try all the suggestions above.
Make sure you have a dial tone before dialing. The cordless
handset might take a second or two to find the telephone base
and produce a dial tone. This is normal. Wait an extra second
before dialing.
Eliminate any background noise. Noise from a television, radio or
other appliances might cause the phone to not dial out properly.
If you cannot eliminate the background noise, try muting the
cordless handset before dialing, or dialing from another room
with less background noise.
If the other phones in your home are having the same problem,
contact your telephone service provider (charges might apply).
My cordless handset isn’t performing normally.
Make sure you plug the power cord securely into the telephone
base. Plug the power adapter into a different, working electrical
outlet without a wall switch.
Move the cordless handset closer to the telephone base. You
might have moved out of range.
Reset the telephone base. Unplug the electrical power. Wait for
15 seconds then plug it back in. Allow up to one minute for the
cordless handset and telephone base to reset.
Other electronic products can cause interference to your
cordless phone. Try installing your phone as far away from these
types of electronic devices as possible: television sets, VCRs, or
other cordless telephones.