VTech CL84100 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Deregistering a handset
You may need to deregister your handsets if:
You have 12 registered handsets and need to replace a handset.
You wish to change the designated handset number of your
registered handsets.
You must first deregister ALL the handsets, and then register each
handset you wish to use again, one at a time.
Please read carefully through all the instructions on pages 11-12
before beginning the deregistration process.
To deregister all handsets (for AT&T CL81100/CL81200/
CL82400/CL82450/CL82500/CL82550/CL82600 model)
1. Press and hold /HANDSET LOCATOR on the telephone base
for about 10 seconds (until the IN USE light starts to flash), then
release the /HANDSET LOCATOR button.
2. Immediately press /HANDSET LOCATOR again while the IN USE
light is still flashing. (The light flashes for about seven seconds. If
the light stops flashing, pick up the handset and place it back into
the telephone base, then start again with step one above.)
3. It takes up to 60 seconds to complete the deregistration process.
Wait for the cordless handset screen to alternately display
1.Press HS LOC on base 4sec and 2.Then press # on handset.
4. To register the handset(s) to the telephone base again, follow
the instructions on page 9.
After you deregister the handset(s), the telephone base is in
idle mode but the system date and time information needs to
be reset. For instructions, see Set date/time in the telephone
system user’s manual for details. To skip setting the date and
time, press OFF/CLEAR.
Adding the handset to your telephone base