VTech CL84100 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Adding and registering handsets
The handset needs to register with the telephone base
before use. You must register each handset separately.
When first purchased, all expansion handsets
alternately show 1.Press HS LOC on base 4sec
and 2.Then press # on handset on the screen.
The new handset should be charged without
interruption for at least 30 minutes before
registering it to the telephone base.
To register a handset to your telephone base
(for AT&T CL81100/CL81200/CL81300/CL82100/CL82200/
CL82550/CL82600 model)
1. Make sure the handset is out of the telephone
base or charger and alternately shows 1.Press
HS LOC on base 4sec and 2.Then press # on
handset before you begin registration.
2. Press and hold /HANDSET LOCATOR on the
telephone base for about four seconds, until the
red IN USE light on the telephone base is on.
Release the button.
3. Press # (pound key) on the handset. The screen
shows Registering... Please wait. It takes up
to 60 seconds to complete registration. Then
HANDSET X Registered appears on the screen,
with X being the handset number (1-12), and the handset
beeps. The handset is now registered with the telephone base.
If registration is not successful, Registration failed appears on the
screen. Start again from step one above.
2.Then press #
on handset
1.Press HS LOC
on base 4sec
Adding the handset to your telephone base
Please wait