NuTone IM-4406 Intercom System User Manual

Cassette Player
Auto reverse cassette player can play both sides of a
tape over and over. Includes fast forward/rewind
functions and a convenient tape storage area. Can be
used with IMA-516, IM-3204, IM-3303, IM-4406
and IM-5000 series.
Music and Intercom 25 ohm Speakers
NuTone offers a wide selection of speaker options;
wall-mount, ceiling-mount, indoor and outdoor
speakers. To determine which speakers are available
for your system, see the system diagrams in this
Music Input Plate
Connect your existing music and TV audio compo-
nents to a NuTone system. Allows you to follow the
action of a sports event when you leave your home
theater room by broadcasting the audio throughout
your home. Can be used with IMA-516, IM-3204,
IM-3303, IM-4406 and IM-5000 series.
Surface Mount Housings
Surface mount housings are available for most
NuTone room speakers as well as door speakers.
They make it a little easier installation as you do not
have to cut an opening to recess mount the speaker.
They are especially handy when you want to put a
door speaker on a brick surface or if you want to
have a speaker on a fire rated wall (typically this is
the wall between an attached garage and the living
Never miss a guest again. Chime rings through
every intercom speaker throughout your home.
The NuTone IA-29 chime module offers the ability to
easily select from ten different tunes for the front
door and change them as your mood desires. Melody
choices include: Westminster 8-notes, Westminster
4-notes, Anniversary Waltz, Beethoven’s Fifth, Dixie,
Greensleeves, Happy Birthday, Jingle Bells, Joy to
the World, Mazel Tov, Oh Tannenbaum and the Star
Spangled Banner. The second door rings two notes
and the third door rings one note.
The IA-28 chime module plays 8-note Westminster
for one door, two notes for second door and one note
for a third door.