NuTone IM-4406 Intercom System User Manual

Where to Install Master
Determine location of master with the following con-
Choose master location with regard to
residents’ lifestyle, either centrally located
(living room, kitchen, central hallway, etc.)
or securely located (master bedroom).
Locate master in an accessible area. Do not
locate closer than 2 inches to a corner,
cabinet, counter top, etc.
Do not locate master in an outside wall.
Insulation and temperature changes may
adversely affect unit’s performance and life.
Select a location that will not restrict wire
routing from the speaker to the master.
Where to Install Music Speaker
Volume Controls
Select music speaker volume control location with the
following considerations:
Except for model IC-902, do not locate volume
control in a sauna or outside. Extreme heat and
moisture will adversely affect its performance
and life.
Locate volume control a minimum of 18 inches
from fluorescent light fixtures, light or fan dim-
mer controls and other wiring (electrical power,
security system, etc.) to minimize risk of sys-
tem interference.
Do not connect more than one speaker to a
monaural volume control or one pair of speak-
ers to a stereo volume control.
Locating Your Components