NuTone IM-4406 Intercom System User Manual

I. Room to Doors Intercom
Press the door talk button on a room speaker to
speak with a visitor at the door. Release to hear
the reply.
J. Number of wires in Intercom Speaker Cable
If you wish to replace an existing Music/Intercom
to take advantage of updated styling and new fea-
tures, you need to be aware of the cable used to
wire the system you’re replacing. If you can,
you’ll want to use the cable already in the wall. In
most cases, a current NuTone 3-wire system can
replace an older 3-wire system, 4-wire replace 4-
wire, etc. You may also be able to replace a differ-
ent brand intercom with a NuTone system. Our
Technical Support Group would be pleased to
help you determine your options, please phone us
at 888-336-6151, or fax us at 513-527-5122.
Please have the brand, model number, number of
speakers, number of wires and any other details
you may have on your system available when you
K. “Hands Free” Answering
Ideal for the couch potato in all of us. The person
being called doesn’t have to rise from the chair to
answer. In systems without the “Hands Free” cir-
cuitry, the person being called needs to go to the
intercom speaker and press a button to respond.
On IM-5000 and IM-4406, all calls from master
or any speaker are “Hands Free”. On IM-3303,
only calls from the master are “Hands Free”.
L. Intercom Only Switch Settings
If you’re an early riser, you may want to set the
bedrooms to Intercom only. That way you can
play music and not disturb your sleeping children
or spouse.
M. One Button Door Answering
To answer the door, you press one button to speak
to the visitor, release the button to listen to their
response. All NuTone systems offer one button
door answering. In some systems you press one
button to speak, another button to listen. One but-
ton door answering is more convenient because
you are less likely to miss part of your visitor’s
response. It is not dependent on how quickly you
press the second button to listen.
N. AM/FM Radio
O. CD Player
Many of our intercoms have built-in AM/FM
radios so you can enjoy your favorite radio station
throughout your home. Model IM-4406 has a
built-in CD Player.
P. Electronic Tuning
Allows for easy, accurate tuning of your favorite
radio station.
Q. Remote Radio On/Off, Memory Control
Radio operation can be controlled from any inter-
com speaker. Press the “RADIO CONTROL/END
CALL” button at any intercom speaker for 2 sec-
onds to turn the radio ON. To turn the radio OFF,
again, press the “RADIO CONTROL/END CALL”
button for 2 seconds. To sequence through each pro-
grammed radio memory channel, momentarily press
R. Station “Recall” Memory
Program your favorite stations into memory for
easy recall later.
S. Aux Audio Input(s)
The master has audio input(s) allowing you to add
a NuTone Cassette player, to patch in the
audio from your multi-disc CD player or home
theater for broadcast throughout your home.
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