NuTone IM-4406 Intercom System User Manual

Choosing Your
NuTone System
Select your NuTone system
IK-15/25 Door Intercom
IMA-516 Intercom
IM-3204WH Basic Music Intercom
IM-3303 Deluxe Music Intercom
IM-4406 Premium Music Intercom with CD Player
IM-5000 Selective Call Intercom
Select your options
Cassette Player Door Release
Door Chime Audio Input Plate
Select your NuTone systems and controls
Typically, the master unit is installed in the kitchen. NuTone recommends a speaker in
each of the following rooms: living room, media room, family room, each bedroom, dining
room, each outside door, garage, basement, patio/deck, kitchen (when master is not installed
in kitchen) and master bath (which allows you to step out of the shower and easily answer
the door).
Select your installation accessories
Choose the installation accessories you will need to install your master and speakers. These
include recessed or surface mount wall housings, mounting brackets and cable.
Install and enjoy your new NuTone system
Illustrated instructions and owner’s manuals are included with each unit.