NuTone IM-4406 Intercom System User Manual

T. Bass/Treble Controls
Tone controls allow you to fine tune the music out-
put. NuTone music intercom systems have separate
bass and treble controls.
U. Loudness Control
When activated, the loudness control boosts the
bass and treble response during low volume use.
V1. Tune Selectable Chime Option
The IA-29 chime module offers 10 different tunes
plus Westminster chime. To select a different tune,
press the tune change switch through the tune
change access hole located on the master panel.
Also includes a two and one note chime sound for
the side and rear doors. Module mounts and plugs
into master unit.
V2. Westminster Chime Option
The IA-28 chime module offers a Westminster
chime sound for the front door, and a two/one note
chime for the side and rear doors. Module mounts
and plugs into master unit.
V3. External Chime Option
Most NuTone electronic chime models can be con-
nected to the master unit to allow chime sound to
be heard over the room speakers.
The addition of a chime module or NuTone elec-
tronic chime to your NuTone intercom system
ensures you’ll never miss a guest again by sound-
ing the chime through all intercom speakers that
are turned on.
W. Color Choices
All NuTone intercoms are available in white. Some
are also available in black and biscuit. Our cassette
player is available in white. Speakers are available
in white. Some speaker models are available in
biscuit, black or brown. Door speakers are avail-
able in antique brass, bright brass, white or brown.
X. Digital Clock
The IM-3303 and IM-4406 music intercoms
feature a built-in digital clock.
Y. Digital Clock can turn Radio on and off
The Music Intercom system can be used as a whole
house alarm clock. Set the clock to turn music on
in the morning and have it gently wake your chil-
dren. The digital clock can also be used as a sleep
timer to turn music off at a certain time. This fea-
ture also can be used as a deterrent to intruders.
The timer can be set to turn music on while you are
away - making a thief think you are there, discour-
aging them from entering your home.
Z. Time and Radio Backup
A built-in electrical backup system maintains your
time and radio memory channels up to 30 hours
during a power outage.
AA. Lighted Function Display
The lighted digital display is easy to read day
or night.
BB. Self Diagnostic Troubleshooting Circuitry
For proper performance and operation of an
Intercom, it is important that all wires are securely
attached to the proper terminal. Otherwise, certain
features of the intercom may not work, there could
be humming or no sound at all. NuTone’s self diag-
nostic circuitry allows the installer to easily check
the installation and if there is a misconnected wire,
identify which room is affecting the system. This
helps ensure that when the installer leaves, your
system is operating as it was designed to.
CC. Built-in Surge Protection
Mov’s and diode clamping circuitry help minimize
the potential for damage to your NuTone music
intercom system from line surges and electrical
DD. Privacy Switch on Intercom Speakers
Switch on speaker can be used to turn off the abili-
ty to monitor that room. Ideal for master bedrooms
and baths.
EE. End Call Button
Allows intercom call to be manually ended.
Music Intercom Features Explained