Nortel Networks NT8B45AAAB Telephone User Manual

Part No. P094225
T7406 Cordless Telephone
Installation Guide
Read all documentation before proceeding with installation of this
Warning: First-time battery charge
Follow this procedure for the first-time charge of your handset battery packs
and when you first set up your T7406 system. Failure to follow all of these
steps can result in operational difficulties.
Ensure that the battery pack is fully charged before you attempt to use your
T7406 handset for the first time.
Charge the battery pack in the rear port of the charger for a
minimum of 30 minutes.
Install the battery pack in the handset.
Put the handset into the front port of the charger and charge the
battery pack in the handset for a minimum of three hours.
Trickle charge a spare battery pack in the rear battery port of the
charger for 12 hours.
Ensure you configure the handsets in an orderly fashion. If you are
configuring a number of handsets, ensure the battery packs for all the
handsets are charged before you start configuring the handsets to the base
Refer to Handset Configuration on page 27.
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