Lennox Hearth BT8040 Bluetooth Headset User Manual

lisTening To music using Jabra bT8040
Jabra BT8040 is capable of streaming music over Bluetooth -
either from a mobile phone or any other Bluetooth device
supporting A2DP. Once you have paired your BT8040 with your
mobile phone or to the Bluetooth music player, use your phone
or music player to play, pause, stop, skip forward and backward.
When you recieve a call, the music will be automatically sus-
pended and you will be able to answer or reject a call through the
headset. Once you end a call, the music should recommence. On
some phones and music devices you may have to press ‘play’ to
start the music again.
using Jabra bT8040 WiTh 2 mobile phones
Jabra BT8040 is capable of having two mobile phones (or Blue-
tooth devices) connected to the headset at the same time. This
will give you the freedom of having only one headset to operate
both your mobile phones. Please note that Last Number Redial
will dial the number from the last outgoing call, independent of
the mobile phones, and the Voice Dialing function only will work
on the last paired mobile phone.
using a Jabra blueTooTh hub
The Jabra BT8040 can used along with the Jabra Bluetooth Hub
(sold separately). This will enable you to use the headset with both
your mobile phone and your oce phone.
To pair the Jabra BT8040 with the Jabra Bluetooth Hub
The pairing process is a little dierent:
1. Put your Jabra BT8040 in pairing mode
2. Put the Jabra Bluetooth Hub in pairing mode.
3. Place them close together. You do not need a dedicated
pin code to pair the two Jabra products. Consult the Jabra
Bluetooth Hub user manual for more information on how to
connect the Bluetooth hub to your oce phone.
The use of the Jabra BT8040 with the Jabra Bluetooth Hub is very
similar to using the headset with a mobile phone only. The only
dierence lies in the transfer of a call to the headset from the
oce phone.