Lennox Hearth BT8040 Bluetooth Headset User Manual

Transfer the call to the headset
Tap the answer/end button to transfer the call from the oce
phone to the headset via the Jabra Bluetooth Hub
The answering of a call from the oce phone requires a hook lifter
in order to have the Jabra BT8040 answer the call automatically.
TroubleshooTing & FaQ
I hear crackling noises
Bluetooth is a radio technology, which means it is sensitive to
objects between the headset and the connected device. It is
designed for the headset and the connected device to be used
within 33 feet (10 meters) of each other, with no major objects
in the way (walls, etc.).
I cannot hear anything in my headset
Increase the volume in the headset
Ensure that the headset is paired to a device that is playing
Make sure your phone is connected to the headset by tapping
the Answer/End button.
I am having pairing problems
You may have deleted your headset pairing connection in your
mobile phone.
Follow the pairing instructions.
I want to reset the headset
It is possible to reset and test the headset by ’Press and hold’ all
three buttoms at the same time. The red, blue and green light will
light up in a white light. In this mode, the pairing list is reset, and
you can test if the headset works as you will be able to hear audio
in the speaker from the microphone.
The headset will automatically turn o after approx. 10 seconds.
The next time you power on, the headset will go into pairing
mode as the rst time you powered your new BT8040 on.
Will the Jabra BT8040 work with other Bluetooth equipment?
The Jabra BT8040 is designed to work with Bluetooth mobile
phones. It can also work with other Bluetooth devices that are
compliant with Bluetooth version 1.1 or higher and support a
headset, hands-free and/or advance audio distribution prole.