Huey Chiao HCB19 Bluetooth Headset User Manual

Facility Saving Temperature -20 ~ 60
Operation Moisture 10% ~ 90% (non-concrete status)
Weight 11 g (battery included)
Size 61.5x23x11.4 mm
Safety Regulation CE, FCC, BQB
22. Excluding Problems
please recharge your Headset.
2. If after recharging for 20 minutes, the Headset does not turn
on: For initial use, the power will be on after charging the
Headset at least for 40 minutes. It is suggested to fully re-
3. Does not show the recharging sign: When the battery is com-
pletely exhausted or the Headset has not been used for a long
time, when charging, the red indicator light will be lit after a
few minutes.
4. You hear no sound coming from the Headset:
- Make sure the Headset has been paired with the other Blue-
tooth device.
- Make sure the Headset is on.
- Make sure the distance between the Headset and the paired
Bluetooth device is within 10 meters.
- Make sure your mobile phone has a good signal.