Huey Chiao HCB19 Bluetooth Headset User Manual

17. Triple phone conversation
1. While you are answering Call 1 from your Headset and hav-
sound. Press the decrease (-) volume key for 2~3 seconds
the interrupting call (Call 2) will be answered automatically.
2. To proceed the triple phone conversation while you are an-
swering the interrupting call (Call 2), press the increase (+)
the maintained Call 1 will be renewed, then the three ends
can talk together.
3. To end the triple phone conversation, press the function but-
ton, then Call 1 and Call 2 will be hanged up together.
communications agent supports this service.
mobile phones manual to make sure your phone program sup-
ports this function.
to the mode of having only Call 1 or Call 2.
can press the decrease (-) volume key for 2~3 seconds to easily
transfer the calls between Call 1 and Call 2.