Huey Chiao HCB19 Bluetooth Headset User Manual

- Under the normal usage, the rechargeable battery can be used
for the long time.
- The battery must be recharged within temperatures of -10
to 45.
- Using the Headset under room temperature enables the bat-
tery to achieve its maximum capacity.
- Under a chilly environment, it may cause the battery’s capac-
ity to decrease.
- Recharge the Headset at least once every two months, either
you use it or not.
24. Q & A
work with the Bluetooth mobile phone?
A : You must activate the Bluetooth function of your mobile phone
Q : Can HCB19 work with any of the mobile phones?
A : No, this Headset works only with Bluetooth mobile phones.
Q : How far is the working distance between the Headset and the
mobile phone?
tooth V1.2, Class II, the longest working distance is 10 me-