Huey Chiao HCB19 Bluetooth Headset User Manual

has been exceeded. Please make sure the Headset and mobile
phone are within the working range of 10 meters and there is
no obvious interference between.
Q : What can I do if the voice from the Headset is not clear?
A : Make sure your mobile phone is in a location with a better
signal and increase the volume of the mobile phone or the
Q : Why is the Headset suddenly not working?
A : (1) The Headset might be out of power. When the battery
charge it soon.
(2) The Bluetooth function of your mobile phone gets crashes. It
happens occasionally, please turn the Bluetooth function of
the mobile phone off, and renew it or turn off your Bluetooth
mobile phone and turn it on again.
Q : Why could the voice dialing function of the Headset not be
switched on?
A : (1) Please re-record the voice tag.
(2) Some mobile phones do not support the voice dialing function.
Please refer to the manual of your mobile phone.
25. Declaration of Conformity