Huey Chiao HCB19 Bluetooth Headset User Manual

ters. But, this working distance may be shortened by the
interference existed in the surroundings and due to the insuf-
devices while searching for the new Bluetooth device?
one Bluetooth device within the working range. When the
HCB19 or some Unknown Devices. Please select and con-
A : Only while your Headset is under the pairing mode, your mo-
tions of your Headset manual to proceed the pairing process.
Q : Shall we pair the Headset every time while using it?
A : No. The paired devices remain paired regardless of turning the
power off, reopening the devices or changing the battery.
Q : Why is the voice from the Headset not clear?
A : It may be the following two reasons:
(1) Your location has a bad signal, please move to a location with
a better signal.
(2) The working range between the Headset and the mobile phone