AT&T CL80101 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Quick reference guide - handset
CHARGE indicator
On when the handset is charging in the
telephone base or charger.
While reviewing a call log entry, press
repeatedly to add or remove 1 in front of the
telephone number before dialing or saving it in
the directory.
Press and hold to set or dial your voicemail
Press to switch between the speakerphone
and the handset.
Getting started
Press to make or answer a call.
During a call, press to answer an incoming call
when you receive a call waiting alert.
During a call, press to mute the microphone.
While reviewing the caller ID history, the
directory or the redial memory, press to delete
an individual entry.
While predialing, press to delete digits.
Press to switch to tone dialing temporarily
during a call if you have pulse service.
Press repeatedly to view the last 10 numbers dialed.
While entering numbers, press and hold to insert
a dialing pause.