AT&T CL80101 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Registration and deregistration
Deregistering handsets
You may need to deregister your handsets if:
You have 12 registered handsets and need to replace a handset.
You wish to change the designated handset number of your
registered handsets.
You must first deregister ALL the handsets, and then register each
handset you wish to use again, one at a time.
Please read carefully through all the instructions on this page
before beginning the deregistration process.
Deregister all handsets from your telephone base
1. Make sure that all handsets are out of the telephone base and
chargers before you begin deregistration.
Press and hold /HANDSET LOCATOR on the telephone base
until the IN USE light starts to flash (about 10 seconds), then
release the /HANDSET LOCATOR button.
3. Immediately press
/HANDSET LOCATOR again while the IN USE
light is still flashing. (The light flashes for about seven seconds. If the
light stops flashing, start again with Step 1.)
4. It takes up to 10 seconds to complete deregistration. Wait for the
cordless handset screen to display To register, see manual.
5. To register the handset(s) to the telephone base again, follow the
instructions on pages 8-9.
If the deregistration process is not successful, you might need to reset the system
and try again. To reset, unplug the power from the telephone base and plug it back in.
You cannot deregister the handset(s) if any other system handset is in use.
Even if the battery is depleted, you can still deregister the handset by following the
steps mentioned above. After the handset is charged for at least 10 minutes, the
screen shows To register, see manual.