AT&T CL80101 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Adding and registering handsets
Before using a new CL80101 handset, you must register it with the
AT&T CL81101/CL81201/CL81211/CL81301/CL82101/CL82201/
CL82501/CL82551/CL82601 telephone system (purchased
separately). The telephone system can support up to 12 handsets.
The handsets provided with your telephone system are already
registered as HANDSET 1, and so forth. Additional handsets
registered to the telephone system are assigned in sequential
order they are registered (up to HANDSET 12).
You must register each handset separately. When first purchased, all
expansion handsets show To register, see manual.
Register a handset to your telephone base
Before you begin registration, make sure the
handset is out of the telephone base or charger
and shows To register, see manual.
2. Put the handset you wish to register on the
telephone base cradle.
The screen shows Registering... Please wait
and the IN USE light turns on. It takes up to 90
seconds to complete registration. Then,
HANDSET X Registered appears on the screen,
with HANDSET being the handset name and X
being the handset number (1-12). The handset
beeps and the IN USE light turns off. The handset
is now registered with the telephone base.
Registration and deregistration
To register,
see manual.
Please wait
For registration, put the
handset on the telephone
base, not the handset