AT&T CL80101 Cordless Telephone User Manual

The charge light is off.
Make sure you plug the power and line cords in correctly
and securely.
Unplug the electrical power. Wait for 15 seconds, then plug it
back in. Allow up to one minute for the cordless handset and
telephone base to reset.
Clean the cordless handset, charger and telephone base
charging contacts each month with a pencil eraser or cloth.
The battery may not be connected to the handset or is missing
completely. Ensure that the battery is installed properly.
I’ve set my LCD language to Spanish or French and I don’t know
how to change it back to English.
• Press
MENU/SELECT in idle mode. Enter 364# using the dialing
keys. You hear a confirmation tone.
Common cure for electronic equipment.
If the telephone does not seem to be responding normally, try
putting the cordless handset in the charger. If it does not fix the
problem, do the following (in the order listed):
1. Disconnect the power to the telephone base.
2. Disconnect the cordless handset battery.
3. Wait a few minutes.
4. Connect power to the telephone base.
5. Completely remove the battery. Replace the battery and place
the cordless handset into the telephone base or charger.
6. Wait for the cordless handset to reestablish its connection with
the telephone base. Allow up to one minute for this to take place.