Uniden HH-985 Two-Way Radio User Manual

In addition to the conventional Weather Alert,
your HH985 is compatible with NWR-SAME
Weather Alert.
Specific Area Message Encoding (S.A.M.E.)
are NOAA’s coded emergency weather
signals that identify a specific geographic
area affected by an emergency. The HH985
receives the emergency weather alert.
The unit changes its alert beep tone
according to the level of severity.
1. To use NWR-SAME Alert, select the
weather channel in your area.
2. Press and hold the WX/ALERT button for 2
seconds to activate this feature.
3. When the unit
receives a warning
signal, it sounds a
tone defined by
severity. WX and
ALERT start blinking.
The channel
indicator displays
the weather channel
number and the
severity level
NWR-SAME Alert Level
A1: Warning A3: Statement
A2: Watch A4: Test
4. To turn off NWR-SAME Alert, press and
hold the WX/ALERT button for 2 seconds.
+ This feature is effective in the weather
channel mode only.