Uniden HH-985 Two-Way Radio User Manual

+ When you press any key (except PTT), a
short tone sounds.
+ When you turn on your HH985, it is
automatically tuned to channel 16, the
United States Coast Guard frequency for
distress, safety, and calling.
+ See the foldout in the front of the operating
guide for button, knob, and key positions.
Turning on the Unit and Setting Squelch
1. Before you turn on
the unit, turn the
Squelch knob fully
2. Then, turn on the
unit by turning the
Volume/Power knob
clockwise until you
hear a hissing sound.
3. Turn the Squelch knob
clockwise, just until
the hissing sound
stops. Use the knob
to adjust to the
desired squelch
level. Think of the
squelch control as a
frequency gate which
controls access to
weak or strong signals
depending on its setting.
+ To listen to a weak or distant station, turn
the knob counterclockwise. If reception is
poor, turn it clockwise to cut out weak
+ If the squelch control is adjusted so you
continually hear a hissing sound, the unit
will not scan properly.
4. To turn off the unit, turn the Volume/Power
knob counterclockwise until it clicks.
Strong Signals
Medium Signals
Weak Signals