Uniden UH500SX Two-Way Radio User Manual

The Uniden UH400SX, UH400SX-RM, UH500SX and UH500SX-RM is designed to provide
you with years of trouble free service. Its rugged components and materials are capable of
withstanding harsh environments. Please read this Operating Manual carefully to ensure you
gain the optimum performance of the unit.
The citizen band radio service is licenced in Australia by ACMA
Radio-communications (Citizen Band Radio Stations) Class Licence and in
New Zealand by MED General User Licence for Citizen Band Radio and
operation is subject to conditions contained in those licenses.
Transmit & Receive FM 40CH
(UHF- CB, TX Power 5W)*
40 Programmable Receive channels
(450 - 512MHz in 12.5khz steps)
LCD Display with Backlight
LCD Backlight brightness control
(“HI”, “LO”, “Off”)
Compact Size**
Mobile DIN Size***
Front Fire Speaker***
Signal Strength/ Power Meter
Instant Channel Programming
One touch Instant Channel recalling
Dual Watch with Instant Channel
Duplex Capability (from CH01 - CH08
per channel)
Group Scan and Priority Channel
Open Scan
Scan Channel Memory On/Off
separately with Open Scan, Group
Rotary Channel Select
Busy Channel Lock-out Function
Roger Beep Function On/Off
5 Different Call Tones
38 Built-in CTCSS (Continuous Tone
Coded Squelch System) and 104
additional DCS (Digital Coded Squelch)
codes that are user selectable
Volume Control with Power On/Off
Push Switch
VOX (Voice Activated Function)
10 Step VOX Mic sensitivity adjustment
Remote LCD Speaker Microphone
(Remote SPK/MIC)****
Front and Rear MIC Jacks for
increased mounting options
Variable Squelch Level adjust or Auto
Squelch with Remote SPK/MIC
* Transmission is inhibited at CH22 and
** UH400SX
*** UH500SX
****The optional Remote SPK/MIC is
included with UH400SX-RM and UH-
500SX-RM models.
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