Uniden UH500SX Two-Way Radio User Manual

Using Repeater Channels
UHF CB repeaters are used to retransmit or relay your signal. Repeaters will extend the range
of your radio and overcome the shielding effect caused by solid obstructions. In normal Simplex
operation, your radio transmits on one particular frequency and receives on that same frequency.
If there is a barrier that partially blocks your transmitted signal, the probability of another radio
receiving the signal is very slim. Hills, tall buildings, metallic structures,...etc tend to act as a
screen between radios.
Standard Operation without the aid of a Operation with the aid of a Repeater
Repeater Station. Station (Duplex).
The signal coming from your radio is received by the Repeater Station and the re-transmitted at
the same time on another channel. This operation is called “Duplexing”.
For example,
CH01 on Duplex Mode will Receive on CH01 but Transmit on CH31
CH02 on Duplex Mode will Receive on CH02 but Transmit on CH32 etc...
If you transmit on CH01 Duplex mode, you are actually transmitting on CH31 the
repeater station down-coverts your signal and retransmits on CH01.
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