Uniden UH500SX Two-Way Radio User Manual

Mounting Using the DIN-E Sleeve
If you are unsure about how to install your UH500SX in your vehicle using the DIN-E sleeve,
consult your automobile manufacturer, dealer, or a quali ed installer. Before
installing, con rm that your UH500SX ts in the desired mounting area and you have all the
necessary materials to complete the task. Your UH500SX requires a 53 x 183 x 135 mm
mounting area. Allow an additional 60 mm space behind the unit for connectors and wires.
DIN-E Installation (UH500SX, UH500SX-RM Only)
1. Remove the bracket if previously attached.
2. Install the DIN-E sleeve into the opening in your dashboard, lip facing out.
3. Push out the top and bottom tabs to hold the sleeve rmly in place.
4. Remove the at rubber ring tted around the cabinet sides near the front of the UH500SX.
Fit the supplied DIN-E rubber ring in it’s place. When tted the rubber ring will act as a
seal against the DIN-E sleeve. At the left and right sides of the ring there will be a slot space.
The slots in the tted DIN-E Rubber Ring will enable proper removal of radio from the
DIN-E sleeve.
5. Before inserting the UH500SX in the sleeve, attach the cable from the
previously mounted antenna. Attach the DC Power leads. RED goes to a positive (+)
connection on your fuse block while BLACK connects to the vehicles chassis
ground (-). Be sure all the connections are routed away from any potentially
pinching or slicing sheet metal.
6. Slowly slide the UH500SX into the sleeve until it locks in place.
If you plan to use the Rear MIC Jack or connect an external speaker at a later time,
expect to remove the unit for ease of making those connections.
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