Uniden UH500SX Two-Way Radio User Manual

Open Scan (OS) Mode
Allows continuous scanning of all selected channels.
If an active channel is found, scanning will stop on that
channel. If the received signal ceases, the unit will wait 3
seconds for the signal to return, otherwise scanning resumes.
After transmission in scan mode, the unit will wait 20 seconds for the signal to return, otherwise
scanning resumes.
To skip the active channel, turn the Rotary Channel Selector at the base or press
on the
Remote SPK/MIC momentarily. To deactivate SCAN, press
If SCAN is deactivated while on an active channel, the UHF CB Radio will stay on
that active channel. If no channels are active, the UHF CB Radio will reinstate the
starting channel.
OS Mode is indicated by the absence of the GS icon.
Group Scan (GS) Mode
Includes the accessory feature Priority Watch which allows you to monitor the Instant Priority
Channel while scanning (see p.20 for setting Instant Priority Channel and p.24 to turn on
Priority Watch).
To use GS Mode Scanning, press and hold
[SCAN/OS/GS]. GS icon appears on the
GS Scanning checks the Instant Priority
Channel for activity regularly when Priority
Watch is ON.
If the Priority Channel becomes active the
radio will stay on that channel for as long as
the signal is present. If the received signal
ceases, Priority Scanning continues after 3
If scanning stops on a channel which is not a
Priority Channel, UHF CB Radio will continue
monitoring the Priority Channel for activity
while listening to the active one.
To deactivate SCAN, press the
[SCAN/OS/GS] button.
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