Uniden UH075 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Programming Scan Channels
1. Select which Scanning Mode you wish to use OS or GS Mode.
OS is indicated by the absence of the GS icon.
2. Select the channel you want to store by pressing or .
3. Press and hold for 1.5 secs. to store. MEM icon appears and two
short tone beeps are heard.
4. To remove the channels from Memory, press and hold for 1.5 secs.
once more. Two short tone beeps are heard and the
MEM icon disappears.
The Priority Channel feature allows user to monitor one of 40 channels in the
UH075, monitoring it every 1.5 secs. during Group Scanning.
Choosing a Priority Channel
The starting channel, when Group Scanning is initiated, is always the Priority
Channel. To change the priority channel setting while scanning, (eg. PRI
Channel is CH17 (476.825 MHz ))
a. press , to select a higher channel (scanning
b. press , to select a lower channel.
While scanning, the UH075 stops at a busy channel and receives a
transmission. When the received signal is over, the unit will wait for 3 seconds
for the return of the signal, otherwise, the radio resumes scanning.
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