Uniden MHS75 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Making a Distress Call
Speak slowly -- clearly -- calmly.
Make sure your radio is on. 1.
Press the 2. 16/9-Tri button to switch to Channel 16 (156.800
MHz). (If the corner of the display does not show 16, press
the 16/9-Tri button again until it does.)
Press the 3. Push to talk button and say,
Say, 4. “THIS IS {name or call sign of your boat}.”
Say, 5. “MAYDAY{name or call sign of your boat}.”
Tell where you are (what navigational aids or land-marks 6.
are near, or give your position from a GPS).
State the nature of your distress (e.g. sinking, medical 7.
emergency, man overboard, re, adrift, etc.).
Give the number of persons aboard and describe the 8.
condition of any injured persons.
Estimate present seaworthiness of your ship (e.g. how 9.
immediate is the danger due to ooding or re or proximity
to shore).
Briey describe your ship (length, type, color, hull). 10.
End message by saying, 12.
“THIS IS {name or call sign of your boat} OVER.”
Release the 13. Push to talk button and listen for a response.
If you do not get an answer after 30 seconds, repeat
your call, beginning at step 3, above.
For future reference, write your boat’s name & call sign here: