Uniden MHS75 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Uniden MHS75 Radio Owner’s Manual
Normal mode operation
To transmit, remove the radio from the charger, then press
and hold the Push to Talk button. Release the button
when you are nished talking.
For the best sound quality, hold the microphone about two
inches from your mouth while you’re talking.
Press the Channel Up button to move up one channel at
a time. Press and hold the button to scroll quickly up the
Press the Channel Down button to move down one
channel at a time. Press and hold the button to scroll
quickly down the channels.
To change the transmit power, press the 1/5W-2.5W
button. The transmit power switches between 1 Watt and 5
Watts each time you press the 1/5W-2.5W button.
To change the transmit power to 2.5 Watts, press and
hold the 1/5W-2.5W button for 2 seconds. Press and hold
the button again to change back to the previous transmit
power (either 1 Watt or 5 Watts).
Normal mode with Weather Alert Watch
If you activate Weather Alert Watch while operating in normal
mode, the radio
checks the most
recently used
weather channel
every seven seconds.
If it detects a weather
or other hazard alert,
it will switch to that
weather channel. (If
you are actively
transmitting, the radio
waits until you nish
your transmission before checking the weather channel.)
Every 7 seconds,
the radio checks
the last-used
weather channel.
WX Alert
Watch on
Monitoring Channel 25