Uniden 550W Two-Way Radio User Manual

Congratulations on your purchase of the Uniden FRS550W family radio. This product is a
lightweight, palm-sized radio you can carry almost anywhere. Use it at shopping malls,
amusement parks, or sporting events to stay in contact with family and friends, or in a
neighborhood watch for vital communications. This compact, state-of-the-art device is
equipped with the following features:
• 14 Preprogrammed Channels
• VOX Feature
• 38 Built-in CTCSS Codes
• 7 Weather Channels
• Up to 2 mile range*
• LCD Display
• Tone/Vibration Alert for incoming calls
• Channel Scan
• Keypad Lock
• 50 hours of operation
• Low Battery Level Indicator
• LCD Backlit
• Silent Keypad
• External Speaker and Microphone Capable
* Range may vary depending on environmental and/or topographical conditions.
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