Uniden 550W Two-Way Radio User Manual

Call Tone Transmission
If you want to contact someone in your
party, press the call/vox button. ”CALL”
and the transmit icon appear on the LCD
for 2 seconds. Anyone on the same channel
and the same CTCSS code will be alerted
with your Call Tone.
Monitoring Weather Channels
Your radio has 7 preprogrammed weather channel frequencies, represented by numbers 1-7.
To listen to the weather channels in your area:
1. Press the wx/ctcss button. The radio
will begin scanning automatically.
The scan and icon appear
while scanning.
2. Scanning stops when the radio finds an
active channel. It stays on the channel
until its transmission ends, and resumes
scanning after a 2 second delay.
3. To exit from this weather channel mode, press the wx/ctcss button again.
The call/vox, on/off volume, PTT, MON, and light/lock buttons will
not be locked.
FRS550W.qxd 7/25/00 18:10 Page 13