Uniden 550W Two-Way Radio User Manual

Monitor Mode
The Monitor Mode is used to check activity on a specific channel. It will allow you to receive
signals that are considered too weak.
To check the channel activity:
1. Press and hold the MON button until you hear a series of beeps. You will hear
background noise if the channel is clear. Don’t transmit if you hear conversation.
2. To turn Monitor Mode off, press the MON button again.
Talking on Your Radio
To talk to others using the radio;
1. Determine your communicating channel and/or code setting with the other members
of your party (refer to “Choosing a Channel and CTCSS” on page 7).
2. Press and hold the PTT button and
speak into the microphone. The
following LCD screen appears.
3. When you finish speaking, release the PTT button. You cannot hear any signals while
your PTT button is pressed.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to continue communication.
FRS550W.qxd 7/25/00 18:10 Page 10