AT&T 7700 Cordless Telephone User Manual

This cordless telephone operates at the maximum power allowed
by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Even so, the
handset and base can communicate over only a certain
distance — which can vary with the locations of the base and hand-
set, the weather, and the construction of your home or office.
If the handset is moved to a point where the base and handset can
no longer communicate, the handset will sound two short beeps
when you make a call, indicating that you are out of range. Move
closer to the base to restore normal operation.
If you receive a call while you are out of range, the handset
might not ring — or if it does ring, the call might not connect
when you press P. Move closer to the base, then press P
to answer the call.
If you move out of range during a phone conversation, you will
hear noise or interference. To improve reception, move closer
to the base.
If you move out of range while on a call, the phone will be left
“off the hook.” To hang up properly, walk back into range,
periodically pressing P until the PHONE light goes off.
Changing Channels
This cordless telephone has an advanced AutoSelect feature
that minimizes the chance of interference.
In the unlikely event that you notice noise or interference while
using the handset,
1 Press C.
2 If the interference does not clear, continue to press
C until you find a clear channel (your call will
not be interrupted) — OR— Move closer to the
base and press C.
NOTE: You must be in range to change channels.
User’s Manual
for Cordless Telephone
with Caller ID 7700
Fold open this manual for information
about this telephone's installation and
operation. Please read Part 1 —
Important Product Information,
included in this package.
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