AAMP of America PGHMZ1 IP Phone User Manual

Symptom Cause Remedy
Radio shows iPod
not connected
iPod cable is not
connected to iPod or
Verify the docking cable is connected
to the Media Gateway, and the iPod
I can not correctly
control the iPod
through the radio.
The iPod rmware
may be out of date.
Update iPod rmware for free at http://
I have updated my
iPod’s rmware
and still have
control issues
Sometimes the
iPods needs to be
Press and hold the click wheel (center
button) and the menu button for 10
seconds. This will reboot the iPod.
iPod by doing this reset
The radio says
“Invalid Channel”
when I push a
The radio is trying to
call a channel that is
not there.
Press and hold the preset until a beep
is heard.
I can’t use my
iPod’s click wheel
to select music
The iPod is in
external control
mode. This allows
text to be displayed
on the radio screen
Press the Category Up button until
AUX 1 is displayed to control the iPod
manually using the click wheel
The Media
Gateway does
not recognize the
HD Radio tuner
The HD tuner
was not properly
connected when
the PXAMG was
rst connected and
HDRT must be connected before the
PXAMG is powered on. Disconnect
the PXAMG from the vehicles harness
for 5 minutes. Verify the 8 pin DIN
HDRT cable is securely connected
at both ends before reconnecting the
vehicle harness.
Radio shows
Gateway device is
This may happen twice the rst time
the PXAMG is powered on and will
take a few minutes. Once this process
is over you can resume normal
gateway operation.
When I listen to
the factory AM or
FM radio there
is only static, no
Factory antenna
cable is connected
to the HD Radio
Use Gateway to access HD Radio
source. This will provide all AM and
FM reception for your vehicle.
No AM or FM
reception using the
HD Radio source
Factory antenna
cable is not
connected to the HD
Radio tuner (HDRT)
Remove from factory radio, connect
into HDRT module. Note* some
vehicles need to use the supplied
antenna adaptor to make this
HD Radio station
quality uctuates
or is lost randomly
The HD Tuner is
temporarily losing
reception of the
Digital HD Radio
broadcast signal
This is expected performance. The
Digital HD Radio playback will resume
in areas of higher broadcast signal
11. Troubleshooting