AAMP of America PGHMZ1 IP Phone User Manual

10. Mazda CX-9 & Mazda 6 Navigation
& Mid-Line Radio Operation
In the Mazda CX-9 & Mazda 6 equipped with the Navigation & Mid-Line Radio
the Media Gateway offers basic control of the ipod only. There are no text or
advanced browsing features supported.
Entering Mode Select Menu
Press the “SAT” button to enter satellite radio mode. Press the “CATEGORY
UP” or “CATEGORY DOWN” button to scroll through the
available sources until
“AUX 1” or “AUX 2” is displayed
. If satellite radio is present, the Media Gateway
sources will show up AFTER the last satellite radio category.
PLEASE NOTE: If when turning the Tune Knob to change tracks, the radio
displays “Invalid Channel”, please press the “CATEGORY ON” icon on the
navigation screen.
Next Track
Turn the TUNE KNOB clockwise or press “TUNE ▲” to advance to the next track.
Previous Track
Turn the TUNE KNOB counter-clockwise or press “TUNE ▼” to move back to the
previous track.