Uniden PRO520XL Two-Way Radio User Manual

If your PRO 520XL is not performing to
your expectations, please try these
simple steps. If you still cannot get
satisfactory results after reading this
manual and following the
troubleshooting steps, please call the
Uniden Customer Service Center at:
1-800-297-1023 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Central Time, Monday through Friday.
If you determine that service is
necessary, contact your local dealer or
pack the unit in its original carton and
send it along with a brief concise
description of the problem, your name,
address, phone number, and a copy of
the original purchase receipt to the
address listed in the warranty.
Unit will not turn on. 1. Check power cord and all connections.
No power. 2. Check power cord fuse.
3. Check vehicle electrical system.
Poor reception 1. Check and adjust squelch.
2. Check antenna system, cable and connectors.
3. Check operation mode of the radio.
Weak transmission 1. Check antenna system, cable and connectors.
2. Check antenna grounding.
3. Check for corrosion on connectors.
Servicing Your CB
Technical information, diagrams and
charts will be provided upon request. It
is the user’s responsibility to see that
this radio is operating at all times in
accordance with the FCC Citizens
Radio Service regulations. We highly
recommend that you consult a qualified
radiotelephone technician for service
and alignment of this radio. When
ordering parts, it is important to specify
the correct model number of this radio.
Please refer to the warning information
on the first page of this manual.
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