Uniden PRO520XL Two-Way Radio User Manual

Replacement or substitution of crystals,
transistors, IC’s, regulator diodes or
any other part of a unique nature, with
parts other than those recommended
by Uniden, may cause violation of the
technical regulations of Part 95 of the
FCC rules or violation of type
acceptance requirements of Part 2 of
the rules.
Elimination of Licensing
The FCC has ruled that CB Radio
Service operators are not required to
obtain an FCC license to operate the
CB equipment. The FCC also permits
CB station operation without station
Elimination of individual station
licenses results in no lessening of the
operating privileges or responsibilities
of CB users. An operator of an CB
radio station is still required to comply
with the Communications Act and with
the rules of CB Radio Service.
Welcome to the world of Citizens Band
radio communications.Your Uniden
PRO 520XL is an advanced mobile
radio designed for use in the Citizens
Band Radio service. It will operate on
any of the 40 AM frequencies
authorized by the Federal
Communications Commission (FCC).
Your PRO 520XL features a
superheterodyne circuit with PHASE
LOCKED LOOP techniques to assure
precise frequency control. This radio
has been type accepted and certified
by the FCC.
The Citizens Band (CB) Radio Service
is under the jurisdiction of the FCC.
Any adjustments or alterations which
would alter the performance of the
transceiver’s original FCC type
acceptance or would change the
frequency determining method, are
strictly prohibited.
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