Uniden PRO520XL Two-Way Radio User Manual

Operating Procedure to Receive
1. Be sure that the power source,
antenna and microphone are
properly connected.
2. Turn the unit on by rotating the
volume control clockwise.
3. Set the channel selector switch to
the desired channel.
4. Set the volume control to a
comfortable listening level.
5. Listen to the background noise from
the speaker. Turn the squelch
control clockwise until the noise
disappears (no signal should be
present). Leave the control at this
setting. The squelch is now properly
set. The receiver will remain quiet
until a signal is actually received. Do
not advance the control too far, or
some weaker signals will not
be heard.
Operating Procedure to Transmit
1. Be sure the operator has read and
understands part 95, FCC rules and
regulations prior to operating
the transmitter.
2. Select the desired channel for
3. If the channel is clear, depress the
push-to-talk switch on the side of
the microphone and speak in a
normal voice.
CAUTION: The transceiver Voltage
Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR)
measurement must be performed prior
to the use of the transmitter. A VSWR
in excess of 2:1 may damage the
transmitter. Please check your SWR
reading frequently by using an
SWR meter.
Preventative Maintenance
At six to twelve month intervals,
the following system checks should
be made:
1. Check the Voltage Standing Wave
Ratio (VSWR).
2. Inspect all electrical connections.
3. Inspect antenna coaxial cable
for wear.
4. Inspect all screws and other
mounting hardware.
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