Uniden ATLANTIS 250 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Technical Support and Service
Your Uniden dealer can provide you with sales assistance and
information. If your marine radio does not perform properly, follow
the troubleshooting tips in the back of this operating guide.
For technical support contact Uniden at 1-800-586-0409. The radio
contains no user-serviceable parts.
Unauthorized adjustment will void the warranty and may cause
illegal radio operation.
Be sure that a qualified technician services your radio equipment.
Caution: Changes or modifications to this product not expressly
approved by Uniden, or operation of this product in any way
other than as detailed by this Operating Guide, can void your
authority to operate this product.
Maritime Radio Services Operation
This transmitter will operate on channels/frequencies that have
restricted use in the United States. The channel assignments
include frequencies assigned for exclusive use of the U.S. Coast
Guard, use in Canada, and use in international waters. Operation in
these frequencies without proper authorization is strictly forbidden.
For frequencies/channels that are currently for use in the world see
page 20~25. Please contact the FCC Call Center at 1-888-CALL-
FCC for any additional channel information.
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