Uniden ATLANTIS 250 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Transmission power can be set to either
5W or 1W.
Press the 1/5W/LOCK button to make
the change, then the 5W or the 1W
indicator on the display changes
To transmit, press and hold the PTT (push-to-talk) key.
TX appears on the display.
To return to receive, release the PTT key.
TX disappears from the display.
If the PTT key is pressed for more than 5 minutes, TX starts
blinking and the transmission ends. The TX time out tone will
sound until the PTT key is released.
If the battery indicator drops to the blinking 1-mark level on the
display and the PTT key is pressed, the radio will not transmit
and the TX icon starts blinking. (Refer to the description of the
Battery Indicator on the next page.)
Lighted Keys and Display
To light the display, press any key excluding the PTT key.
If you press any button other than the PTT key while the display
and keypad are illuminated, it remains illuminated for another
5 seconds.
Turning and reactivating the Key Beep
Your radio emits a beep each time one of the buttons (except for
the PTT key) is pressed.
To turn off or reactivate the Key beep:
Turn the radio on again while pressing and holding the or
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