Uniden ATLANTIS 250 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Getting Started
Mounting the Cradle
Mount the Cradle to either a counter or wall.
To counter:
Attach the Cradle using the mounting screws and
washers as follows.
To wall:
Apply the Cradle to the wall and insert the two
mounting screws into the larger holes of the
Push down the Cradle until it is firmly seated.
When you remove the Cradle from the wall,
loosen the screws and push the Cradle up.
Attaching the Antenna
Apply the antenna to the radio as shown.
Be sure the antenna is firmly seated.
Attaching the Rechargeable Battery Pack
Snap the battery release clip out and
remove the alkaline battery case. Then
place the rechargeable battery pack onto
the back of the radio. It will only fit in one
Snap the battery release clip until it clicks.
Be sure the battery pack fits tightly
against the body.
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